Why Trump Could Do Lasting Damage to the GOP

If early data is right, Donald Trump may win over a lower percentage of Latino voters than any other GOP presidential since at least 1980. So in the next six months, he needs to either rehabilitate his image or find a path to the White House through states without a heavy Hispanic population.


But the loss of a single presidential election could pale in comparison to the long-term damage done to a party that already has a strained relationship with this fast-growing voter bloc.


“Republicans have been tarnishing their brand with Latino voters for some time,” said C larissa Martínez-De-Castro, a senior official with National Council of La Raza, a Latino advocacy group. “I n some ways, Mr. Trump is putting that on steroids.”


There’s already evidence to suggest Trump is motivating more Latinos to register to vote. Voter rights organizations already have seen more Latinos register at this point in the year than they have in years past.


Trump has an uphill task ahead of him to attract more Latino voters to the GOP, which lags far behind Democrats with that priority voting bloc. (John Moore/Getty Images)



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