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While the accuracy of those polls is disputed — with pollsters pointing out that Trump is simply riding a wave of high name recognition — there’s still a significant number of GOP voters who would actually vote for a Trump presidency.


At the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa this Saturday where the business mogul spoke, Trump supporters proudly donned pins and T-shirts supporting their candidate of choice. Many of them told ThinkProgress that his business expertise is exactly what the country needs in 2016, even if his views are less than politically correct.


“The county is so far in debt, we’re losing so many jobs to foreign countries. I just think we need a business man to run the country like a business,” Jim Nelle, a small business owner from Winterset, Iowa, told ThinkProgress as he carried signs supporting Trump around the auditorium. “I’m a Christian and I’ve always voted those issues in the past, like abortion was always big, but this election it’s going to be different because if we don’t have a country, what difference does it make if you’re pro-abortion or anti-abortion? I just think we have to get the fiscal situation fixed first.”


David Brown, a farmer and investor from New Virginia, Iowa also told ThinkProgress that he thinks Trump would be the best Republican candidate to secure the nomination.


AMES, IA — In one month of campaigning, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has managed to offend an entire population of Americans and disparage a celebrated conservative war hero. Yet early polls, including a recent poll in Iowa, continue to show him at the top of the GOP pack.



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