Whether you support or oppose Trump, this new PAC agrees with you and will take your money

A new super PAC was quietly registered with the Federal Election Commission late last month with the nondescript name of “Taking America Back Fund.” While the front page of the site makes it appear that this new committee is part of Donald Trump’s effort to “Make America Great Again,” a closer examination reveals that the people behind the PAC may be seeking to raise money both to defend and oppose the administration.

The Taking America Back Fund was registered on July 27 by a West Hollywood, California, property manager (and former beauty product salesperson) named Julia Gran. Its takingamericabackfund.com website domain was purchased on the same day, using a proxy service. Gran’s name is the only officer listed on the super PAC’s initial filing and on an amendment it filed on Friday and the address listed is her own.

Visitors to the website are asked to donate $5 or more to “Help Stop the Fake Russia WITCH HUNT” against Donald Trump.  Claiming that “loser Democrats” and “establishment Republicans” have it out for Trump and are trying to stop his agenda, the website asks for donations to somehow put a stop to “the Russia witch hunt.”

A ThinkProgress review of the site on Monday, however revealed that this fealty to Trump’s agenda was not consistently felt by the super PAC’s creators. A separate page on the site, not linked from the homepage, asked visitors to donate to the same super PAC to help stop the Trump administration from eliminating net neutrality. “Your donation will fund the fight to save Net Neutrality and stop Trump and [FCC Chairman Ajit] Pai from destroying the open internet,” it claims, warning that “Trump and his FCC chairman are coming at us with all they’ve got, but we’re never gonna give up on Net Neutrality.”  Again, no explanation is provided as to how the funds would stop the FCC or who “we” includes.



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