War Fever – ‘For God’s Sake’

by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall

Three weeks ago my For God’s Sake article included a crude hand drawn map showing the East – West dividing line that runs North and South separating Europe, in the West, from Asia, to the East, roughly following the Dnieper River from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south.  This line has been a point of warring conflict since the early 800s A.D.

I explained that as the northern Sweds (Rus) migrated south for better lands to cultivate, they met major resistance from the already arrived tribes to the east (Europeans) who, though previously Asian, were now settled in Europe and wanted no part of the new migrants (sound familiar), “these Russians,” entering “their” territory.  My letter tried to show that this conflict line has repeatedly played for 1264 years, manifested as wars between the Catholics (W) and the Orthodox (E); the Austrians (W) and the Russians (E) and then the Pols and later the Germans (W) against eastern Russians.

Most modern wars, including Napoleon’s Wars, WW I and WW II, have been DIRECTLY fired by this obvious flaw in human behavior.  For centuries, however, we have allowed rulers from Ivan the Terrible to the Kaiser and Adolf Hitler to lead us to our own mass destruction as nations the world over caved into this gang fight.

March 19, 2014: Nine days after my newsletter was published I attended a meeting at CSIS (Center for Strategic International Studies) America’s world recognized “think tank” and information center on International Affairs.  I sat in an auditorium with 688 interested parties seeking to “know the truth about today’s Ukrainian conflict.”  There were several guests on Bob Schieffer’s (CBS) panel, the best known to me was General Brent Scowcroft (USAF ret.), arguably our country’s most knowledgeable and Senior Statesmen. He proceeded to “ditto” my FGS and expand it but to the letter.  He, like me, had resolved that this current event is “not a here and now crisis” but a chronic “human social disorder” (my words) that has continued through the centuries. The other expert guests Dr. Brzezinski and Roger Cohen mostly concurred.

When our gathering heard this rational – factual presentation, calmly delivered without “drum beating” propaganda attached, you could feel the tension lift from the packed second floor conference room. The attenders all relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief, at the same moment, as “war fever” left the room. Thanks to the presence of 40+ International TV Networks broadcasting the event, I knew bloody combat had been halted, in advance, right there on the spot at CSIS. I was elated to be associated with wiser heads and witness truth and wisdom prevail.

I realized that night that the International Press which serves the majority of the public needs to garner a better knowledge of history as it impacts current events in order not to unwittingly ignite war fever.  For example, in the midst of the above discussions, Friday, March 14,while Diane Rehm was on vacation, her guest moderator made this statement during a discussion on the Ukraine: “THIS SOUNDS JUST LIKE THE RUN-UP TO WORLD WAR ONE!”  She was right on.

BUT her young reporter guest answered, dismissively: “OH WELL, I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THAT, but …!” The professional media, are responsible for delivering FACTUAL information to a scared and confused public. Most people do not realize that today’s events are not isolated from the path of history.  Unfortunately, a short burst of scandalous “BREAKING” news gets higher ratings than good solid information delivery.

We Americans should stand reminded that all during this fight talk coming from the White House and the Kremlin, two of our own, one American and one Russian, were flying through space in a Russian Space Station.  This world benefiting program using an American craft powered by the best rocket engine in the world (100% Russian), came out of a period of wasted energy when my generation almost blew ourselves up ending life on earth.  How sad it is that a generation later our children are itching to destroy their new world – over the same old moronic conflicts that killed their Parents, Grandparents and generations of their ancestors.

Every one of us needs to constantly take responsibility for Human Life on this planet.  Our social pillars have failed their people.  Our Religions have failed, selling out as avoidance postured drama filled hiding places.  Our Politicians have sold out to the highest bidder and the lowest social denominator.  Journalism has sold out for instant appeal, while avoiding any hint at the truth, while Finance has converted to “flash” fortunes, benefiting insiders, leaving the masses of investors holding empty bags.  Lastly, Academia, the engine that drove knowledge and discovery for three hundred years, creating the modern world, has been sold out to big powerful interests for billions in grant money, much of which is supporting research aimed at devastating our planet and its people.

Most important: YOU and I are failing our world.  We owe more to our ancestors of every race, creed and nationality on earth, who struggled to set us free to be adult Human Beings instead of immature human animals; FREE to build a world of peace and prosperity, instead of war and oppression.  Let’s work to CONTROL our desire to destroy, WAR is no toy, as any career military person will tell you.  Let’s STOP IT, NOW and grow up together.  After all, it’s time we realized we’re ALL stuck in this TOGETHER, forever – For God’s Sake!!!!

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Dr. Britt Minshall
The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall is the author of several books including the widely acclaimed 'The Jesus Book.' He is a speaker on societal behaviors impacting politics, religion and wealth. He travels and ministers extensively in Haiti. He is a Pastor Emeritus in The United Church of Christ, a Minister in the Full Gospel Fellowship and a regular contributor on Fox Television Network, Public Radio, and National media. He is also a former Security Agency operator and INTERPOL Officer. His police career was compromised when he became a Freedom Rider in the mid- sixties.

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