War Drums – ‘For God’s Sake’

by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall

I am astonished that the west’s push to war with Russia continues.  I am equally thrilled that the people of the world are ignoring the White House’s and financial interest’s call to arms, instead following the lead of good people everywhere to “ignore your leaders” irresponsible actions.

The ECONOMIST, usually one of journalism’s most reliable publications, caved into the pressure and printed an edition calling Russia “Insatiable” followed by several articles portraying Putin and Russia as an out of control Bear, their cover even pictured that.

To wit I wrote this LETTER to the ECONOMIST:

Baltimore, MD USA – April 21, 2014


Your cover (4/19/2014) and the editorial slant in the ECONOMIST is extremely offensive.  I am not a Russian, nor a fan of Putin, I am a historian and its obvious your people have NO concept of the history surrounding the Ukraine.

Over the past 1264 years, since the Swedes (Red Shanks) migrated to NE England, but most to the east of the Dnieper River, and the steps of now Russia, there has been a “tectonic Plate” of sorts, a real conflict zone, where the former tribes of Asia (Bulgarians, Huns, Franks, Poles, etc.) meet these new (832 A.D.) migrants, the Rus.

What you did not acknowledge in your western sponsored articles was that most, the vast majority of these “wars,” were NOT Russian launched but European sponsored.  Just look at the past 400 years: Poland invades Russia twice, the Austrian-Hungarians invades Russia, The Roman Catholics attack the Russian Orthodox steadily over 100 years, Napoleon (France) invades Russia twice and let’s not forget the biggie: Germany invades Russia 1939-44 leaving 14 million Russians dead.

Now, as with Britain in the mid 19thy Century (Crimea), the U.S. has deliberately pushed at Russia along its western and southern borders apparently trying to provoke violence.

I believe you owe the Russian people a BIG apology for your one-sided picture of the Russian Bear and print a cover with a European Godzilla facing Russia.

This type of “propaganda” is not worth of the trust we place in the ECONOMIST!

Rev. Dr. Britt Minshall

Please join me in letting President Obama and his paid lackey, J. Kerry and the War Hawks they have embraced, know we will not play “kill and be killed” over these same old issue that destroyed our ancestors lives for the past 500 years.  Tell Obama’s Wall Street pals it’s time they went to work for a living; no more living off our children’s legs.

This letter is being shared with my President, a good man, who is rapidly destroying his Presidency beating the War Drums – For God’s Sake.

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Dr. Britt Minshall
The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall is the author of several books including the widely acclaimed 'The Jesus Book.' He is a speaker on societal behaviors impacting politics, religion and wealth. He travels and ministers extensively in Haiti. He is a Pastor Emeritus in The United Church of Christ, a Minister in the Full Gospel Fellowship and a regular contributor on Fox Television Network, Public Radio, and National media. He is also a former Security Agency operator and INTERPOL Officer. His police career was compromised when he became a Freedom Rider in the mid- sixties.

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