Trump University scandal looking more like corruption? Trump made political donations to attorneys general who dropped investigations

Three days after Bondi’s spokeswoman was quoted in local media reports as saying the office was reviewing the New York lawsuit, the Donald J. Trump Foundation made a $25,000 contribution to a political fundraising committee supporting Bondi’s re-election campaign. Bondi, a Republican, soon dropped her investigation, citing insufficient grounds to proceed.


On Sept. 24, 2013, the office received a complaint from a Harold Stevens, who had already filed a complaint with Schneiderman’s office. Bondi’s office sent him to the state’s voluntary mediation program under the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and suggested he hire a private attorney. On Oct. 31, 2014, Bondi’s office got another complaint from Mike Murphy, who said he was aware of the New York lawsuit. He referenced two organizations, including . He was also referred to the voluntary mediation program and advised to hire a private attorney. Murphy’s complaint did not seek monetary damages.


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During the first Republican primary debate last August, Donald Trump outlined his model of success as a businessman and real estate mogul dealing with political bureaucracies, in an effort to explain away his past political donations to Democrats — including Hillary Clinton — and call out American campaign finance as corrupt.


According to internal documents provided to The News about the state’s investigation into Trump University, the consumer protection division filed a formal request May 6, 2010, to sue both Trump and his namesake real estate program. Five days later, it set out settlement options to help Texas taxpayers get back the more than $2.6 million they spent on seminars and materials, plus another $2.8 million in penalties and fees. Both requests were denied, an unusual decision, Owens says, that was made at the top of the agency. “The refusal of the administration to do anything stunk,” said Owens, a career state employee who worked under three attorneys general and received a commendation for having “greatly contributed to the accomplishments of our office” from Abbott upon his retirement in 2011. “We routinely got approval to sue people. We routinely went after bogus schools that offered false diplomas,” he added. […] According to Texas investigators, Trump University hadn’t completed paperwork necessary to even do business in Texas. Investigators were scheduled to meet with Trump representatives on May 19, 2010, to pitch the $5.4 million settlement proposal. That meeting never took place, Owens said. Instead, the division received “verbal notification” that the investigation and the lawsuit were over.



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