Trump shunned by Hispanic GOP lawmakers as black pastors make him change campaign plans

Still reeling from the cancellation of a press conference with black pastors, where he hoped to gain their endorsement, 2016 GOP presidential front runner Donald Trump also has a Hispanic problem — specifically, Republican Hispanic members in the House of Representatives who want nothing to do with him.


According to The Hill, Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and attacks on Mexicans as “rapists” is keeping Hispanic lawmakers at an arm’s length, not wanting anything to do a candidate who is making a political party already unpopular with a growing Latino populace even more unpopular.


“He would have to start by apologizing to all the people he’s offended and for the mockery that he’s made out of the presidential campaign,” said Curbelo.


Echoing many Republicans, including big money GOP donors who are sinking millions of dollars into a PAC created to destroy Trump before he can win the presidential nomination, Curbelo thinks a Trump presidency would be “a bad thing for the country.”


Of greater concern to Hispanic lawmakers is Trump’s attacks on Hispanic broadcasters, media outlets, and protesters that could hurt gains in Latino-rich states like California, Colorado, Nevada and Florida.




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