Trump Lawyer’s Claim And Comparison To Rockefeller Is A Head Scratcher

Among the unusual elements of President-elect Donald Trump’s Wednesday news conference was a 15-minute interlude in which an attorney took the podium and described Trump’s plan to address potential conflicts of interest between his businesses and the responsibilities of his office.

The attorney, Sheri Dillon, outlined an arrangement by which Trump would turn over “total control” of his worldwide business interests to his sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, with whom he would not communicate about the family business.


Dillon said real divestiture — selling the business or committing its assets to a blind trust — would be forcing him “to destroy his business.” She said the president-elect “should not be expected to destroy the company he built.”

Dillon went on to say that Trump’s empire “is massive, not dissimilar to the fortunes of Nelson Rockefeller when he became vice president, but at that time no one was so concerned.” [Emphasis added.]


It may have been the first time anyone has compared Trump’s wealth to that of the Rockefellers, but that was not ultimately the point. It was the last eight words of her remark of that moment that raised eyebrows, because Rockefeller’s wealth at the time was very much a concern to quite a number of people.



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