Trump Confident Chris Ruddy: White House Considering Ousting Dan Coats

Chris Ruddy, the founder of the conservative outlet Newsmax and a confidant of President Donald ’s, told CNN today that — based on what he’s been told by White House sources — he believes Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats could be fired for attacking the administration’s stance on North Korea.

“Dan Coats just went before an open session of Congress and they openly said that they believe the president’s policies and efforts in North Korea are going to fail based on the intelligence,” Ruddy told CNN International anchor Christiane Amanpour. “I think you have a classic example here where Director Coats is trying to make policy and not inform policy.”

He continued:

“I’m hearing from sources around the white house that there’s just general disappointment of the president with Director Coats. There’s a feeling that maybe there needs to be a change of leadership in that position. I don’t know what his plan is, he doesn’t tell me who he’s gonna dismiss or not, I have talked to various people, not him who are very close in the White House with the security positions the president is taking.”

During his session in front of Congress last month, Coat said he believes it is unlikely that Trump’s policies will lead to North Korea “completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities,” which Ruddy called “very bad form.”


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