The right’s scapegoat: Renee Ellmers’ primary loss in North Carolina encapsulates the irrational rage fueling conservatives

There are two schools of thought when it comes to understanding how it is that the Great Fascist Pumpkin, Donald Trump, managed to secure the nomination of the Republican party, which is supposed to be a serious political party that elects actual politicians to office.


A small Republican primary in , where incumbent congresswoman Renee Ellmers lost to challenger George Holding, sheds a surprising amount of light on which theory of Trump’s rise is the likelier one.


The first school of thought is that Trump is a uniquely talented politician, a master class in the art of persuasion, a man who has wowed the masses with his nearly hypnotic ability to talk them into voting for him. I call this the Dilbert Theory, named after “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams, who is the second most belligerent proponent of this theory, coming in only after Trump himself.


The second school of thought is that the Republican base is spiraling out of control, furious at the loss of white male privilege, epitomized by the fact that we are very likely to have two presidents in a row who are not white men. Angry conservatives, the theory goes, have started to blame the Republican party itself for not doing enough to stem the tide of inclusivity, which is sneeringly called “political correctness” in right wing circles. The base would nominate a bucket of orange paint under these circumstances, so long as it was marketed as an outsider ready to take on the establishment and put out enough public statements demonstrating contempt for women, racial minorities, anyone that isn’t a white man (or a bucket of orange paint).


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