The leave campaign made three key promises – are they keeping them?

The Vote Leave campaign made at least three key promises that were the basis of their victory. But since Thursday night leading figures appear to have played down their status.


This promise was so central to the leave campaign that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove repeatedly appeared on platforms with it as their main backdrop. Indeed, it was famously painted on the side of their battlebus that toured Britain.


It was first made by the Labour MP and co-chair of Vote Leave, Gisela Stuart, at the beginning of the campaign: “Every week we send £350m to Brussels. I’d rather that we control how to spend that money, and if I had that control I would spend it on the NHS,” she said on 15 April.


The £350m figure was immediately the subject of dispute. It was pointed out that it was the gross figure for the UK contribution. The £74m a week UK rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher is never sent to Brussels, which brings the figure down to £276m a week.





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