Thanks London Mayor Boris Johnson for great Ketchup debate – fridge or no?

As Boris Johnson sparks fierce debate over where to keep ketchup – fridge or cupboard? – The Independent asked a top food safety expert for her definitive guide to which condiments go where.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson sparked debate after admitting in a Twitter Q&A that he likes to keep his ketchup in the cupboard.

So why is it that these products, which have sat happily on our shelves for so many years, now have to make the move into our refrigerators? Here’s the definitive guide to where we should be keeping our foods and why.

Ketchup – Manufactures have done shelf life tests to come up with their recommendation for storage. For health reasons, some products today may have reduced sugar and salt in them, which is a problem because sugar and salt preserve food. Manufacturers have a reason for the advice they are giving you, so you should always follow the label. Boris is wrong not to store his ketchup in the fridge, if that’s what it says on the bottle.

Jam – As a general rule, if you don’t want it go to mouldy, store in the fridge.

Soy sauce – If it’s the low salt one you might want to keep in the fridge otherwise should be fine on the shelf.

And just about anything else you can imagine appears in the article.

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