Speaking of Germany, new German US Coach un-sentimentally boots hero Landon Donavan from Team USA

The Rocky Mountain Gazzette offers this great explanation on why this is a very bad idea for Coach Kinsmann:

Donovan could still strike fear into opponents, and inspire courage in his teammates, if used as a substitute in the late minutes. He’s scored five goals in 12 World Cup matches. He could have scored another one in the late, tense minutes in Brazil. He would have been a supremely valuable substitute.

I believe Klinsmann’s decision can be explained by a personality clash. Donovan is a complicated, touchy-feely, sensitive type. At the beginning of 2013, he insisted on taking a long sabbatical from soccer to mend his tattered psyche.

Klinsmann, one of the greatest players in German history, never will be described as touchy-feely. This man of steel was baffled by Donovan’s exodus.

And he never forgave Donovan for his vacation.

In booting Donovan, Klinsmann offered siren-like announcement to American soccer fans.

This is my team and mine only, Klinsmann shouted from the soccer mountaintop.

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