Something that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg said years ago could haunt him amid the Cambridge Analytica scandal

A 2010 New Yorker profile of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could haunt him now amid Cambridge Analytica news. The profile, written by Jose Antonio Vargas, details a leaked exchange between the Facebook creator and a friend who wasn’t identified. Zuckerberg, who never disputed the tasteless conversation, later on said he “absolutely” regretted the chat.

The chat log was first leaked to the technology website Silicon Alley Insider and depicted instant messages from Zuckerberg in which he brags to an unnamed friend about having unfettered access to the data of “any” Harvard student. When the friend asks Zuckerberg how he gained such access, the social network creator cruelly mocked people’s supposed naivete.

“Yeah, so if you ever need [information] about anyone at Harvard, just ask,” Zuckerberg said to the unidentified friend. He added, “I have 4000 emails, pictures, addresses, [and] SNS.” The friend sounds surprised in response and asks, “What!? How’d you manage that one?” Zuckerberg replied, “People just submitted it. I don’t know why. They ‘trust me.’” He then said, “Dumb f***s.”

Zuckerberg’s insensitive commentary could cause him even more legal and social trouble as recent reports point to accusations of data harvesting and manipulation by Cambridge Analytica.



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