Revealed: none of Britain’s ‘unicorns’ openly support Brexit

We’re a global business that operates across four European markets, so a successful, well-functioning is crucial to a business like ours and we believe this is best achieved by remaining part of the EU.


Ultimately, it is for the British people to decide. Just Eat is a global business with a significant presence in a number of European markets. All these businesses are run as local entities and we do not trade across borders within Europe. As a result, we do not believe that Brexit would have a material impact on Just Eat’s business. Nevertheless, we feel a close affinity with all our colleagues within the EU and, on balance, feel it would be favourable for Britain to remain within it.


We’re not actually taking a stance on Brexit – we’re apolitical as an organisation, and our focus is on growing our business and producing a world-class product.


We believe it would be crazy for the UK to leave the EU, both for businesses and consumers. A Brexit would have a big impact on TransferWise. The EU means free movement of talent: we have 40+ nationalities working together at TransferWise. To grow an international business you need an international team and access to the best talent in the world. Being in the EU also makes it easier to do business globally and break into new markets. We’re regulated in the UK, which currently means we’re regulated in every EU country. This cohesive approach to regulation has simplified our growth across the region. Like many businesses in London we chose to headquarter here because of the access to global talent and global markets. If the UK leaves the EU, we’ll have to consider whether it makes business sense to stay headquartered here. It’s a decision we don’t want to make but one that we’re having to consider. This year we’re setting up offices in Australia and Asia, and the fact is that countries and cities all around the world are in competition when it comes to attracting businesses. London is a great place to set up a business today but other cities are fast catching up.


AO is not taking a political position in this debate as we believe that a vote to leave the EU would have little direct impact on trading across any of AO’s three European sites. At the same time we are mindful that a vote to exit could create a level of uncertainty for markets and the wider UK economy in which we operate.



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