Puppies sleeping with Kittens? Even Newt Gingrich Is Jumping On The Iran Nuclear Talks Bandwagon Now

ThinkProgress explains how Newt never met a position he could not flip to his advantage. Your head might spin off reading this.

In a newly published interview with Iranian media, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich expressed hope for a “peaceful and open relationship with Iran” and successful nuclear talks, despite previously calling the interim deal a “surrender to the Iranians.”

Gingrich late last month visited Kazakhstan to take part in the Eurasian Media Conference. While there, he sat down with the Tehran Times, a newspaper founded in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution, to discuss the United States’ relationship with Iran. In the interview released online on Sunday, Gingrich told his interviewer that he hopes “that the Geneva agreement actually works out,” adding “I hope at least to an enforceable and transparent lack of any nuclear weapons.”

“And I hope that we can find a way to move forward towards a peaceful and open relationship with Iran,” he continued. But the former Speaker cautioned that any final deal “has to be transparent and enforceable, or I think at some point it will be back into the sanctions problem, and there will be a renewed or even more intense effort to isolate the economy and to make things very, very difficult for the government of Iran.”

When asked about the Iranian decision to dilute its stockpile of uranium enriched to 20 percent, which the International Atomic Energy Association has verified, Gingrich wasn’t impressed but willing to admit that it was a positive first step. “If these first steps lead to second, third, and fourth steps, then I think maybe by the end of the year, we may be in a different place beyond the world of sanctions and will be finding a way to live in relative constraint with each other and see each other as not threatening,” he said. “But I think that requires another series of steps yet beyond the current ones.”



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