‘Propaganda tool’: CNN says Kaleigh McEnany quit so she could join Donald Trump’s ‘fake newscast’

CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday called on journalists to step up their game after Kaleigh McEnany left the network to anchor a “news” broadcast for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

McEnany first appeared Sunday as an anchor on the pro-Trump news channel, which is broadcast on Donald Trump’s Facebook page.

“Is this the president’s way of controlling the message and circumventing mainstream media,” CNN host Fredricka Whitefield asked Senior Media Correspondent Brian Stelter following McEnany’s premiere broadcast.

“Maybe it’s the newscast he wishes he could see on television,” Stelter suggested. “Instead, his reelection campaign is producing it on Facebook.”

Stelter said that McEnany had been “one of the best known pro-Trump voices” on CNN.


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