Prince MBS, an Arab Falcon with broken wings

by Ahmed Tharwat

You have to kiss lots of frogs, till you find your handsome prince, goes the saying, but in the case of Saudi Arabia, it is the reverse. We have been kissing lots of Saudi princes, for more than 70 years, what we got is an ugly toad., prince Mohamed Bin Salam, the promising reformer, known to the world as MBS,(cute) the rising star, the darling of the west, the one who was going to modernized Saudi Arabia and Islam.

He is the cute young prince who let Saudi women drive and brought Mickey Mouse movies to Saudi theater near you. Now he stands accused of committing the savage gruesome killing of Saudi citizen, and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

Since then, the Saudi reaction to this crime, is a mix of  lying, denying , deceive , then admission and according to Trump, the worst cover up story ever.

MBS has become a laughing stock around the world, unpredictable, untrustworthy, impetuous rich son, and a pariah leader. Now the sick prince walks like a man with leprosy disease, can’t even get someone to shake his hands or take a photo op, no one wants to touch him or be seen with him. The sick Saudi prince, now, is embarking on a political cleansing trip around the world, trying to join the world leaders of G20 summit in Argentine.

However, before getting to the world financial promise land,   he had to visit a few Arab leaders with no power to say no, like Bahrain or a bankrupt, despotic leaders like general elSisi, who eliminated his oppositions and got to power with Saudi support and money. Where a few hundreds Egyptians were paid money and Viagra to show up in Tahrir Square to wave Saudi flags.

Then MBS visited Tunisia, the country that sparked the Arab spring, the only country that survived Saudi counterrevolution war and its jihad against the brotherhood. ,  met by the Tunisian president Essebsi , who needed lots of money to save his bankrupt economy.

However, unlike Egypt  Tunisia had engulfed in Protests and demonstrations with chanting like “no to the “Saw Man,” no to the killer,” no shaking hands with bloody hands.” And MBS will desecrate our revolutionary land”. A Tunisia lawyer asked for keeping him in Tunisia as a guest a good gesture in exchange for Saudi hosting former Tunisia dictator Bin Ali, launching first dictators exchange program in the Arab world.

The Sick prince now, has no political credibility, but he has lots of petrol money that he has been squandering since he consolidated his power in Saudi Arabia. A human right agency reported that they are looking into filing a legal request for his arrest once he arrives in Argentina, head of organization thinks the international law and the Argentina laws back him up, for Saudi crimes in Yemen and the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

This is the sick prince last chance to survive his terminal disease. He has to prove to the western leaders that he still a player and has some leverage , he is their man in the middle east. As Obama though some banks are, too big to fall, for Trump MBS is too rich to fall, very useful; creating lots of jobs for the Americans, buy inflated expensive weapons, good for Israeli security, and keeping the Zionist project alive.  Trump already gave MBS a pass, and enough to get him inside the G20, cracking the door a tad for him to get through, his Homeland security, the man with an ugly mustache and ideas to match. Mr. Bolton, unlike the CIA, exonerated the sick Saudi prince.

Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis went to his defense, claimed that Jamal Khashoggi tape has no smoking gun incriminating MBS. When he was asked if he listened to the tape, he said no, then stated that the reason for not listening to the most condemning piece of evidence against MBS, in the crime of killing Jamal Khashoggi, he stated that he, doesn’t understand “that language”; he meant Arabic.

Coming from a guy who is called mad dog, responsible in the killing, torturing thousands of Arabs in Iraq , this response is a tamed one from a mad dog! Regardless of the fate of the Saudi prince MBS, and wither he would survive this atrocious crime, MBS is now a sick prince, living like an Arab Falcon with a broken wing … flying close to the ground, for a safe crash.

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Ahmed Tharwat
Ahmed Tharwat is a TV Host and Producer. His show BelAhdan with Ahmed Tharwat airs on Minnesota Public Television Mondays at 10:30 p.m. You can find his blog In the middle at and on FaceBook, Twitter, Google, Plus, LinkedIn - @ahmediatv

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