Plead thee not o this

by Richard Spisak

There are so many inherent logical flaws in their pleadings.  It all seems to me, just too much nonsense.

Much like the pleadings of poor little rich boys, accustomed to telling any little white lie that comes into their silly little heads to placate tolerant keepers.

Now as “grups” ((grown ups in age and station only)) they try to use these ”Emperor’s New Clothes” pleadings expecting everyone to simply and without question follow the breadcrumbs to just nowhere.

Either you paid her off or not. But you don’t pay off someone who’s scamming you for absolutely nothing! You pay off someone who has something on you!

You can’t say there was no RELATIONSHIP – but you paid her off, that’s nonsense that is a simple admission. And you can’t say your “fixer” took care of it for you, if there was nothing to take care of?

She can’t be held to a contract with no “parties” to it! ((That’s not even silly, it’s absurd))

She can’t violate a contract with no one, for nothing, for a non-relationship! And then demand she quietly arbitrate a non-contract with no one in secret –  that has no parties, but there is a secret pay off? ( from a friend )

You have to wonder, how many other secret payoffs are “out there”. Hmm Trumpitania?

Contracts for nonperformance like the non-University or non-payment to all those SUBCONTRACTORS, in the hotels, and casinos, does eventually come home to roost!  Even for rich fat-cat brats.

No wonder the THUG-O-CRAT in Chief, is not enamored of judges, courts, lawyers and prosecutors?

He’s had an adversarial relationship to JUSTICE FOR ALL HIS ADULT (adult???) life! – No- Trumperium, No Trumpitania! No Trumptacian Here!

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Richard Spisak
Richard began writing political satires for a radio comedy called Pandemonium which was a live broadcast radio show for 15 years on WLRN-FM Public Broadcasting in Miami. He was also one of the two founding broadcast engineers for the Community Broadcasting Station WDNA-FM, which survives today. Working as an Environmental Reporter in commercial radio stations, Richard undertook a series of Investigative reports on subjects ranging from agricultural chemical waste, toxic chemical pollution of South Florida waters, electromagnetic field pollution, and nuclear power safety issues. His essays and political cartoons have been published across the United States and in Europe since the 1980s.

Richard began producing Progressive News Network in 2011 wanting to create a platform to share insight and provide a vehicle for progressive and scientific voices that are largely absent in commercial broadcasts. Each week over the last seven years we have brought the finest regional and national voices to audiences from Bangalore to Brisbane and Swansea to Sevastopol and of course across the Americas.

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