Overseas territories resist calls for concessions to end tax secrecy | World news | The Guardian

The overseas territories have said they will not sign up to public central registers of beneficial ownership, one of the key demands of the charities and anti-corruption campaign groups eager to expose the money launderers hiding their gains in the BVI and elsewhere.


Cameron knows his attempt for global leadership status on fighting corruption is being hampered by his inability to persuade the overseas territories to do more to end tax secrecy at a meeting which John Kerry, the US secretary of state, will also attend.


Downing Street is increasingly confident that leaders from the key territories will at least attend the summit, after those from the Cayman Islands said they would come.


However, the BVI government has yet to announce whether it will send representatives. More than half of the offshore companies set up by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca were registered in the BVI.


Key UK overseas territories led by the British Virgin Islands are still resisting ’s calls to make fresh concessions on ending tax secrecy at the prime minister’s anti-corruption conference in London on Thursday.



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