Op Ed: Why I Don’t Just Quit – ‘For God’s Sake

by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall

Larry Marciniak, a salt of the earth type guy, who lived through a church battle, where some politicians were out to censor my sermons and writings in 2007. I had been warning about America’s planned wars and their effect on police and citizen’s violence in the American police state. Although a good friend, at the time, he thought I was a bit nuts: “You’re exaggerating preacher” he said.

Last week (six years after the fact), this 75 year-old, “honest man” approached me in the mall. He said “I am so sorry. You were 100% right – we were 100% wrong; somebody ought to tell you that. We were wrong and the problem is more wide spread and getting worse!”

While I sense time is closing in on me and often get so tired I feel I can’t continue, I ask all of you: for all humanity, especially our grandchildren, PLEASE read The Book of Meme Law.

I have spent my life fighting humanity (that’s US) “gone bad.” At eleven, I petitioned my school board to let me go the poorer of two Junior High Schools in our city. I was scheduled to go to the mostly White school on the hill, but I desired to attend the mostly Black school near the harbor. I wanted to understand “why the difference.”

In my twenties, I lost out on my intended Law Enforcement career when I became a Civil Rights demonstrator and took a Freedom Ride. Later, as a business person, I was often sidelined for refusing to do something I found harmful to people or place for profit.

When I became a Christian and entered the ministry, I thought I had found a place where I could expose Injustice at all levels of society and see peace come to our people. That proved a joke. My Seminary professors were so concerned that I, the trouble maker, would not be ordained, they ordained me (the FIRST time in history) at the seminary. Dr. Blackmore, a famous Southern Baptist writer warned me I was in for a hard time: “You are asking people to do better than they are able!” I disagreed: “If we are going to teach it – we should expect it, at least from us.”

Since then I have spoken out against WAR and VIOLENCE all my life (Viet Nam, Iraqi, Afghanistan) and against the secret wars my country has staged (Haiti – I was there – Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now Syria). I continue to expose our sponsorship of ISIS, designed to engage in combat with Syria and their allies Russia and Iran. This is the biggest shell game in history; it’s Meme Law at work, and the people simply follow.


For years I have received serious condemnation (beginning with my article: “Killer Cops in the American Police State” 2007) exposing White control over Black people, enforced through illegal violence. I have spoken out against our continuous WARRING and been called a traitor!

They say of me: I am the author of “BANNED BOOKS and KILLER SERMONS” sometimes nearly getting me killed (Haiti 2009).

My work as a Sociologist (D.Min Boston Univ. 1992 – Organizational Dynamics) and 28 years as a Chaplin- Counsellor, Parrish Minister and ten years walking the halls of Washington, have led me to a great DISCOVERY:

For years we have known that MEMES, “mental constructs made-up of people’s related thoughts aimed toward a single endeavor (purpose), form the structure upon which All Human Social Organisms exist (families, churches, companies and nations). A Meme is the invisible support that underpins every organization, much like the rubber bands that form the core of a baseball under its cover (skin).

TO THIS the Renaissance Institute adds – for the first time in history:

“Every Meme on earth, regardless of size or purpose, acts under the SAME FIFTY-FIVE Meme Laws (Default settings) – thus compelling every meme member, according to the member’s station, to direct their individual activities in a predetermined manner according to Meme Law. The result is All Memes EVERYWHERE act identically in alike situations. (That’s the reason for the identical types of citizen mass shootings and the police cover-ups to their violence).

Once we understand these “55 laws” we can finely understand: WHAT IS HAPPENING or WILL HAPPEN to us in a given circumstance, and most import, we can take control of outcomes instead of others controlling our destiny.

No More children losing their arms, legs or lives from wars, while we secretly ask – “HOW COME we’re fighting these former friends?”

No More financial panics with you losing your life savings, while standing helplessly by, as others steal your lively-hood, and go Scott Free, leaving you brook and befuddled asking – “WHAT HAPPENED?”

No More TV coverage every 15 days of schools, hospitals and public events under war like attacks!

No More religious demigods praying over you and your loved ones, as they sponsor the violence and political upheaval that ruin your life, while you stand quietly, hoping you don’t go to hell for doubting!

PLEASE — I beg you read this book. NO one is spared – NO nation, NO politician, NO corporation, NO religion; they ALL succumb to Meme Law. If you know it – it can’t bury you and your family.

Turned down by publishers and advertisers / too HOT for radio hosts — WHY?

The Book of Meme Law: How Human Social Organisms Create Gods, Build Cities, Form Nations then Unleash Devils, Make War and KILL US DEAD!

Britt Minshall, D.Min. / Renaissance Institute Press. Dist. Baker & Taylor

ISBN: 9780964277373 / $14.95 / AMAZON, Booksellers or QUICK BUY:
www.memelaw.com / 1-844-MEMELAW




The Book of MEME Law, For the FIRST time EVER we can understand how it ALL works!


Rev. Dr. Britt Minshall

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Dr. Britt Minshall
The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall is the author of several books including the widely acclaimed 'The Jesus Book.' He is a speaker on societal behaviors impacting politics, religion and wealth. He travels and ministers extensively in Haiti. He is a Pastor Emeritus in The United Church of Christ, a Minister in the Full Gospel Fellowship and a regular contributor on Fox Television Network, Public Radio, and National media. He is also a former Security Agency operator and INTERPOL Officer. His police career was compromised when he became a Freedom Rider in the mid- sixties.

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