Op Ed: Trump that comment: ‘The Donald’- detached from the immigration reality

by Ryan Carter

Following all the rhetoric around immigration and free movement going on across the atlantic in our sister country America. I will offer an outsider’s perspective, most people agree immigration cannot be a free for all, there should be borders, but movement is essential and a human right. An often unmentioned element of immigration is that it is economically beneficial and is a key contributor to the culture of America as it is elsewhere in the world.

There is rampant and sporadic language on immigrants and free movement and rushed responses to Daesh going on in the Republican party presidential debates when ‘serious politicians  act as the not so funny and scary as possible presidential candidates, okay mainly the Donald aka Donald Trump. Trump previously a businessman, seems adamant, his market is not in that large chunk of the electorate that falls foul of his crass misbranding or those of liberal minded disposition by being so adamant in his opposition to the movement of people into the US, that he uses inflammatory language putting a challenge on those who already live there. Trump’s comments around banning Muslims entering the US are damaging and inflammatory but he is lapping up the hate and despite all the ruckus coming from the press, the sad story is however there is a market for this kind of politics and his popularity in this area is likely to sore.

It is a sad state of affairs that a debate carrying the rightful importance that free movement does and should carry as a human right with considerable economic and cultural benefit is left to the mad fringes and the Trumps of this world. Movement is pivotal for both democracy and the market system we live under, the debate should not entertain the arguments about the quality or quantity of people entering and exiting the US, or anywhere for that matter. The debate instead must move on from hindering, slowing or stopping people coming in or out, which unlike how best to deal with scarcity or checks for criminality, will not solve any of the problems attributed to migration. Some of the language used in the debate around free movement and recently following the rise of terrorism in people’s everyday thoughts the abusive anti-Muslim rhetoric will be fanning the flame of dissent and racism on the streets of one of the most tolerant countries in the world.

This whole debate needs to be brought back into reality, but the whole time debates with one’s own party take place the need to offer a more and more extreme platform is sadly appealing. This debate needs a serious shake up or the debate surrounding free movement will cause problems before even the policies would. Some of the proposed policies around a wall are frankly a joke but others like what one can only assume based on recent comments would resemble selective immigration and a points system perhaps would be hugely detrimental among creating other things severe shortages of skilled workers and a loss of freedom to come and go as people please, or merely conflict. After all much of this conflict risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy as division breeds when fires are fanned by such language and politicians should know better, but sadly there is too many who don’t.

(Ryan Carter will join The Three Muckrakers podcast this week. -Ed.)

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Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter is an Economics student at the University of Portsmouth and hold various posts within the Labour movement. From local posts to Co-Chairing Hampshire and Isle Of Wight Young Labour to being Vice Chair of the Hampshire and Isle Of Wight Cooperative party.

Ryan has also held the position of Governor for two years on the Finance and Estates committee of Totton College and served on the Student Union as well as being on the Hampshire Police and Crime Youth Commission specialising in Domestic Violence and Abuse. He also ran the Southampton Sharkstoppers team, fighting for ‘Access to Fair Credit’ and a cap on the interest rate deployed by Pay day lenders.

Previous blog posts can be found at: http://rwscarter.wordpress.com/

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