Op-Ed: The Great Fix – ‘For God’s Sake’

by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall

WARNING: this For God’s Sake WILL offend the hell out of all of us!!!

War, begets war, which then begets war.

That’s because we NEVER take time to examine our worst behavior before we’re off on another killing spree. We never ask: “How did we get so hooked on such a deadly drug as war?

Picture; you’re at the top of a hill, about 4500 B.C.E. We are somewhere in the lower Caucuses. Humans have just begun to settle and locate their tribes in one spot rather than wondering. On this day the Chief (Alpha Male) has summoned the other two Ruling Class leaders, Bata Male [bully] – the Enforcer and Clergy Male – the tribe’s intentional outsider and trusted teacher.

Chief explains that in the midst of the new prosperity, young bucks in the tribe are getting restless. They are looking for women to have sex with, but due to a limited number of females in their tribe the boys are itching to steal the older men’s women. He explains the established males are afraid.

Enforcer has an idea: “We could send our young males over the mountain to the land of the “slant eyed” people and steal their cows, crops and women. We could bring the winnings back and divide the loot among everyone especially us three. The young can then rape the captured women and have children.”
Clergy adds: “Of course; I can start now and convince the tribe that god wants the slant eyes exterminated; that way everyone will support the attack.

“Yes” said Chief “and for your help, your share can be tax free and you can finally move out of that cave and build a proper temple in the village.

As the meeting ended Enforcer asks “What shall we call this great new windfall?” Chief answers “we shall name it WAR!” Clergy ponders, but that word has no meaning?
Chief rebuts: “IT WILL!”

WAR is pure addiction, like any other dopamine supplier. Once it triggers the brain, activating the personal psyche, it creates a drug addicted state across an entire population. Our primate brain, like that of other monkeys, gets high on sucking certain leaves (Cocaine) and gets blindly caught-up in euphoric inducing behaviors: sex, violence or danger, all present in war!

When serving as a chaplain in Florida’s largest hospital, I came face to face with the power of addiction. In our Orthopedic Unit, the majority of our clients, were fallen motor cyclists. They would be casted and hung from the ceiling by chains for months; unable to feed themselves or do their bodily duties – always in severe pain! After six months of this agony, as they were discharged, they’d be wheeled to the curb, where they would declare: “I can’t wait to get back on my bike!”

In our SA Center, patients would squander their lives on meth or smack, then spend many weeks getting clean; assuring themselves: “NEVER again!” But, sure enough, after a few weeks, they were rolled into our Emergency Unit: dirty, homeless, wounded and near death – addicted again!

We assumed addiction is purely personal. We fail to recognize the greater problem of addiction among our Social Organisms (Memes): our Religions, our Nations and our Economic Systems. Until recently we denied society is just as prone to addictive behavior as individuals.

An addiction in a society is the compounded result of many sub groups (subordinate Memes) of that community having to satisfy the same needs and discovering the same “fix” and that’s EXACTLY what WAR is: A mass FIX!

That explains why disparate interests EVERYWHERE join to crush any antiwar movement. Leading Economist in particular have chastised my antiwar campaign. They tell me I “just don’t understand how necessary war is.” In the Italian movie (2012) “Oi Sone Amore,” an Indian-American Economist, visiting an old line family selling out to capitalist interest (becoming a public cooperation), defended the U.S. over our serial wars. The Economist answered the family’s concerns, saying: “We must not be too fast to judge. We have discovered WAR has advantages. It moves money around, thus creating new wealth for both winners and losers.” Some of America’s most famous Economists have told me privately the same thing.

Producers LOVE war, it’s like a 10lb box of candy to a “sugar-holic.” In John O’Hara’s classic book and movie: “From The Terrace” (1959); Paul Newman’s father, a steel baron, was talking with his son in a deserted steel mill. He complaining about WWII’s end: “These confounded employees don’t get it. Now the war is over, they want better wages. They don’t understand government contracts were cancelled months ago – the GOOD TIMES (war times) are OVER!

The very young (mostly ignorant) and the “should know better” foolish old men love WAR equally. The young get excited at the prospect of proving themselves to their older relatives, many whom have spent their entire life telling of the bravery of Uncles Ted and Lou, both dying in Normandy and Uncle Tim and Dad going down at Chosin Reservoir. Then there was Grandfather and his brother at the Aragon forest – “”Oh what brave men,”” and of course they were. Unfortunately, our reverence for their memory pushes our children into the meat grinder. Now our generation is adding a new narrative: the lost legs and sight of Cousins Linda and Sue, whose plane went down in Kabul.

In 2002, I attended anti-Iraq war protests in Washington. At the same moment old men, like me, were everywhere wearing their American Legion hats and ribbons. They laughed and joked and prodded their grand-children to “hurry up and join before they lost their “BIG” chance to see action.” Many who took gramps’ advice now sport prosthetic limbs, are mentally endangered or are downright dead. For WHAT? To feed the addiction?

The saddest thing is this addiction to WAR is not just a personal ruination but a world destroyer; EVEN to the interests who espouse it.

After WWII the U.S. government tried to get the steel industry going by sending us to Korea. Unfortunately, Korea, Viet Nam and all wars that followed didn’t need much steel. If we had used that war money to reinvent steel, the industry could have been saved. Also, Korea cost 54,246 Americans and 220,000 allies – their lives. That’s a lot of damn steel – For WHAT? An addiction?

Even today, financial hounds are lusting to trade your body and blood for wealth, even though we now know wealth from war – BLOOD MONEY – has no value; it gets us high like sugar, but then – it evaporates like heroin and never satisfies.

In 1946, Britain ended their 313 year war spree. At one time it controlled 2/3s of the earth. Yet the Blood Money ran out after each fix. Consequently, from 1946 through 1970 in turning from war cold turkey the country suffered badly. Children ran the streets as thin as skeletons, the great estates deteriorated into ruin, food was scarce and shame abounded. It was not until ALL that weak Blood Money from the WAR addictions was gone that her renaissance began.

America then ran to take Europe’s warring place and became deeply ADDICTED to WAR and its Blood Money!

It won’t be easy for us to shake this killer. Like all cultures we have mixed the addictive potion of “god and country” and named it Religion. War fever keeps the faithful flocking back. The world over religious people are serving as pushers for the War Mongers. They need the permission of Ministers, Priests, Rabbis and Imams, who BLESS their young followers, sending them off to slaughter or be slaughtered in “Jesus’ name,” Mohamed’s name or for Catholicism, Protestantism, Shia, Sunni or Tamalism.

Our entertainment industry puts forth tales of snipers and video monster killers who allow us to practice hacking “slant eyes” to death, blood spilling forth in 3D. Competition and combat, not compassion, determines the value of a human being. Today’s key word: “You’re fired!” We slam each other for Blood Money needing ever more because it has no value.

When we support INTENTIONAL war, we adopt the greatest of all Human failures. This 5000 year addiction to evil, has VIOLATED the ONE and ONLY Creator who gave birth to us ALL. The only hope for we “Human animals” to achieve “Human being” status is to turn from War addiction, forsake quick Blood Money and DEMAND ALL our leaders come down from War Mountain and cease this brainless, animal behavior.
Our leaders can’t do it as long as we, YOU and I, choose to be addicted to the Big Fix – For God’s Sake!

BREAKING NEWS: A major new twist to the war saga. Sean McFate reports in his new bestseller, that Corporations offering armies and warriors for hire, to ANY interest, are the fastest growing new corporate opportunity. Far advanced over Blackwater, DynCorp Intern., for example, offers fighter jets and pilots and fleets of killer drones that can be hired out to any entity, for the purpose of killing and conquest. STOCK TIP: Let’s get in on the ground floor – invest now! (The Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and What they mean for World Order. London: Oxford Univ. Press 2014)

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Dr. Britt Minshall
The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall is the author of several books including the widely acclaimed 'The Jesus Book.' He is a speaker on societal behaviors impacting politics, religion and wealth. He travels and ministers extensively in Haiti. He is a Pastor Emeritus in The United Church of Christ, a Minister in the Full Gospel Fellowship and a regular contributor on Fox Television Network, Public Radio, and National media. He is also a former Security Agency operator and INTERPOL Officer. His police career was compromised when he became a Freedom Rider in the mid- sixties.

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