Op Ed: The Enema People – ‘For God’s Sake!’

by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall

My Ugliest Valentine birthday Ever!

It’s my 75th birthday, and now I realize the “gift” (?) God has given me. The reason for the (?) is when I recall the guff it has brought to me. These gifts of knowledge, coupled with the call to Prophecy (two Spiritual gifts), comes with a heavy price – EVERYONE hates you!

A predecessor, Jeremiah, discovered this in spades, as he, like me, called on “his” fellow citizens to wise-up. This call from our higher power (irrespective of name), falls on the religious, the political, the commercial and ALL the people. As a result, Jeremiah and his fellow prophets spent much of their lives “pissing everybody off.” Many of these Godly servants were stoned. Powerful people do anything to be kept from being called to task.

Now ALONG COMES BRITT! God in heart, righteousness on mind, a bag full of education (Social-Psychology and Human History), mixed with a diverse life experience.

At the dawning of my 75th year, I see that: all our generations are playing out history on the same stage and thanks to MEME LAW* the story plays out over and over throughout history.

  • As in all ages: today’s general population (90%), almost all of us, intelligent people, are giving-up their God given opportunity, that ONE chance to do great goodness with their lives. Instead, we spend 24 hours a day with our heads in a hole in the ground, on our knees, in a vulnerable position in a continual mode of cowardice, literally awaiting to be screwed. American’s motto: “leave me alone its none of my business!” This avoidance is being fired by fear of rebuke of friends and family and fear of loss of our abundant life style.
  • A very small percentage of the population, perhaps 3 to 5% are on the side of good, and are racing hither and yon, doing much as I am, trying to protect the entire group.
  • However, on the other side of the spectrum, is an equal percentage of society, I call these “ENEMA PEOPLE!” They stalk the planet, inserting themselves where ENEMAS do; their goal is to extract from ALL people, everything they work and hope for. The outcome is these pigs of humanity become the ONLY supplier of needs and thus they control the world.

This is well-established pattern of human history, but it’s made triply bad in todays’ America. We are educated and surrounded by global communication. We should, if we are “intellectual thinkers” rather than “emotional thinkers,” be able to recognize these thieves and be able to select them out of our lives. We have the tools to “NOT” follow this evil. ALL we need to do is STAND UP AND BE WITH and FOR ALL PEOPLE.

Instead, we prefer a life lived as selfish cowards, “ME – ME” people being bought off by access to outlandish electronic gadgets, fixations with “friend-me’s,” eating lavish meals and having access to even petti wealth (which the enema people are stealing from others to give to us continually)

Not only do we lose our salvation, and our chance at a guilt free abundant time on earth; we also lose our communal happiness, our pride in standing free, our opportunity to live among other equally exciting vibrant humans of EVERY color, religion and language. (Imagine, God’s horror: looking upon millions of otherwise delightful people huddled in fear and living in hatred against other millions of God’s children because of their race or religion).

Recently, we have added insult to injury. We’ve invited ENEMA PEOPLE to run our beat-up prophetic country, complete with its scars from our record of fighting with each other, “some against and some for” justice for everyone.

Throughout most of history, humans have flirted with the enema people, but kept them under control (rare exception German people 1931-45). In some others (Rome), the enema people were so subtle, the populace fell for their age-old tale and the populist slowly allowed the enemas to take their land, then they became impoverished, even as the enema people converted their Nation into sub countries and the Romans into slaves. “Puff” went a great nation, sold-out by its people for a tanker of wine and a loaf of bread (beats electronic toys and a night of food and party).

In a way, we are fortunate. Our chief enema leaders, are so open about their screwing of society, they do it in broad daylight, in front of national TV. They are dismantling the people’s United States, right before our eyes. Gone or going is all the good things America has done for ALL its people (CPB Consumer Protection Bureau; Medicaid, soon Medicare, Environmental protections that really work. If left intact they could have saved Houston and New Orleans.

Gun restrictions, approved by Law Enforcement Officers, would allow the legal and mental professionals the ability to save us from ourselves and from mass shootings. Thanks to the enemas at the NRA, in concert with the corrupted enema people in congress and the White House, yesterday we were treated to 17 more children mowed down and killed in Florida (30 mass shootings in the 6 WEEKS alone – many child killers).

Even Pres. Reagan’s pride and joy, supported by both parties and packed with experts in the field is in danger. The ONDCP, the office of National Drug Control Policy (the Drug Czar), is now in the hands of political lackeys including a non-experienced political type, opposed to the departments work and under the control of Kelly Ann Conway (her entire team are non-medical people). This along with pernicious defunding, should aid in the increase of drug deaths and disability. (**)

Everything good about America is vanishing because of the GRAND AMERICAN PARTISANSHIP. The rulers need to receive outlandish profits on their “investments” (Guns, Weapons, Real Estate, Banking and the Market) and we the people have the morose – sick minds that desired to be cremated alive and live the extravagant life.

The enemas then steal our children, to go off to destroy innocent people in other lands who mean us no harm; rendering their kids and ours legless, armless and racked with mental illness (PTSD). The new line: “we need these little wars to bolster our economy!” That’s Operation Bringing Home the Bacon.

I don’t blame our chief enema man. He has been known, his entire life, as a thief, sick with ambition, who NEVER keeps his word and steals from anyone. We are the ones to blame, we pay him to steal all we have worked for and deplete America of everything God gave us “in trust.”

So, that’s it, my “nasty valentine” for all my fellow Americans: “STOP asking the ENEMA PEOPLE to make an ass out of you, they are; get your head out of the hole in which you hide and look at the faces in this world, you are so afraid of. The result: we will realize  (TEAM) Together Everyone Achieves More – MAKE IT BETTER for ALL people. For God’s Sake!


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Dr. Britt Minshall
The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall is the author of several books including the widely acclaimed 'The Jesus Book.' He is a speaker on societal behaviors impacting politics, religion and wealth. He travels and ministers extensively in Haiti. He is a Pastor Emeritus in The United Church of Christ, a Minister in the Full Gospel Fellowship and a regular contributor on Fox Television Network, Public Radio, and National media. He is also a former Security Agency operator and INTERPOL Officer. His police career was compromised when he became a Freedom Rider in the mid- sixties.

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