Op Ed: Kneeling Protocol – ‘For God’s Sake’

by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall

KNEELING – Man’s Oldest Ceremony

The history of kneeling goes back long before written history. We know of verbal accounts from Mesopotamia, clear back to 3000 BC and hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt, depicting war prisoners kneeling before the conquering general to save their lives. The Hebrew Scriptures talk of rulers kneeling down before their nations to show their allegiance to God (ii Chron. 6 13), but the Hebrews did not believe in kneeling to any human.

Rome really became the ancient center for kneeling to show respect and obedience before Caesar. As Europe developed, the Catholic Church developed the protocols on how and when and to whom we should kneel: God got two knees, the King or Lord got one.  To this day that same protocol calls Roman Priests to kneel with two knees and kiss the Popes ring.

For all you readers of chivalry, then and now, you will discover normal behavior calls for male subjects of a

country to kneel as they approach a seated monarch or liege Lord.

Imagine, 5000 years of a custom of grateful members declaring their allegiance by kneeling on one knee before crown and flag,

BUT NOT NOW!!! A group of national athletes (mostly Black), kneel to demonstrate their LOVE and LOYALTY to the United States of America, asking their fellow citizens to respect and protect them in return. BUT in this ONE CASE, a group of all white bigots can’t stand this oldest of ceremonies to indicate a “Loyal and Able Citizen.”

Did anybody ever stop and think who trashed 5000 years of history in throwing another tantrum???

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