Obama Took A Swipe At Trump During The ‘Three Amigos’ Summit So Of Course Fox Hit Back

President Obama took a not-so-thinly-veiled shot at Donald Trump yesterday, during a press conference at the “Three Amigos” summit in Canada. So, of course, Fox News hit back with “analysis” from an extremist Trump buddy and with some help from host Trish Regan.


During the press conference, it was revealed that Obama, President Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed a Clean Energy and Environment Partnership, trade, drugs, human trafficking, Venezuela and more. But Regan only focused on these remarks by Obama, in which he criticized the notion that Trump is a populist:


OBAMA: Somebody else who has never shown any regard for workers, has never fought on behalf of social justice issues or making sure that poor kids are getting a decent shot at life or have healthcare — in fact, have worked against economic opportunity for workers and ordinary people, they don’t suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes.

That’s not the measure of populism. That’s nativism or xenophobia or worse. Or it’s just cynicism. So, I would just advise everybody to be careful about suddenly attributing to whoever pops up at a time of economic anxiety the label that they’re populist.




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