Obama Has Mentioned Terrorism More Than 3,000 Times as President | Smart Politics

However, recent public opinion polls show Americans do not approve of how Barack Obama has handled ISIS and the president’s critics continue to admonish him for not drawing a clearer line between terrorism and radical Islam.


While the president may not be taking the kind of action in the Middle East preferred by some quarters in the political arena, it cannot be said that Obama is not at least speaking about the issue – and now more than ever.


In fact, although words alone are not policy solutions, the president has made terrorism increasingly front and center in his public statements in recent years– and is doing so now more than ever.


A Smart Politics content analysis of Barack Obama’s remarks and written statements finds the president has mentioned terrorism more than 3,000 times since taking office and has done so at a rate of nearly twice a day in 2015 – more than any year of his presidency.


In the hours and days after the ISIS attacks in Paris, Barack Obama made several statements about terrorism, both in remarks at the White House and during his subsequent trip abroad to Turkey and the Philippines as well as in a proclamation he issued honoring the victims of the attacks.



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