Never Did (do not like War)

by Richard Spisak

I do not like WAR (never did)

I do not like war at my door, I do not like it on the steps, I do not like it it is not hep.

I do not like war, here or there I do not like war anywhere


Not on the screen, not on the Telly

Not when it turns some kids to jelly


I do not like it on the streets

I do not like it, we aren’t just meat

I do not like war on some folks,

Not black nor brown not white nor yellow Not even killing some other fellow


I do not like it when it makes us broke

It gives no joy, it brings no hope

The broken wheel, the coughing choke


I do not like what war does to’m

I do not like when buildings are strewn

I do not like when wars kill kids

I do not like it, never did.


Not in the sky, not in the water

Not on the son, nor on the daughter

Not even if just old men might die

Don’t they even wonder

The when or why




I DO NOT LIKE IT, it is dumb

I do not embrace what it BRINGS, What Comes!


The plunder the pain and Urban renewal

Looks like some monster

The buildings chewal


Yes I know the pols will use it

And the victims pile up, they did not choose it Makes more enemies than it kills That Some seem to like it, gives me chills


RW Spisak

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Richard Spisak
Richard began writing political satires for a radio comedy called Pandemonium which was a live broadcast radio show for 15 years on WLRN-FM Public Broadcasting in Miami. He was also one of the two founding broadcast engineers for the Community Broadcasting Station WDNA-FM, which survives today. Working as an Environmental Reporter in commercial radio stations, Richard undertook a series of Investigative reports on subjects ranging from agricultural chemical waste, toxic chemical pollution of South Florida waters, electromagnetic field pollution, and nuclear power safety issues. His essays and political cartoons have been published across the United States and in Europe since the 1980s.

Richard began producing Progressive News Network in 2011 wanting to create a platform to share insight and provide a vehicle for progressive and scientific voices that are largely absent in commercial broadcasts. Each week over the last seven years we have brought the finest regional and national voices to audiences from Bangalore to Brisbane and Swansea to Sevastopol and of course across the Americas.

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