Netherlands’ pain over MH-17 turns to rage as separatists loot while Putin fiddles

The shameful treatment of the wreckage and remains have prompted angry reaction by Dutch PM.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte was visibly angry when he described the behavior of those at the crash site as “utterly disgusting” and called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to intervene Sunday.

“I told him the time is running out to quickly show the world that he intends to help,” Rutte said. “He must take the responsibility now with the rebels and show the Netherlands and the world that he is doing what is expected of him.”

As officials try to increase pressure to get the remains returned, in town and villages across the northern European country, people still tried to make sense of what happened.

“It made me realize that your life is that short, that it can be over in a snap,” said Anna Schellevis, 20, in Amsterdam. “Normal people are going on holiday, and then it is really weird to think that they just crashed and died.”

“This one feels closer to you than any other plane crash,” she added. “On Facebook you see updates by people saying, ‘Bye mom and dad’ … stuff like that. It is really sad … I think people are sad and down.”

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