NC’s McCrory dismisses criticism of new discrimination law | MSNBC

Pat McCrory: North Carolina’s Republican governor signed the nation’s most restrictive voting law—voter ID, cutbacks to early voting, an end to same-day registration, and more— though he later said he hadn’t paid much attention to the issue. The law is being challenged by the federal government, which alleges that it intentionally discriminates against minorities.


A variety of Republican governors, even in the Deep South, have been cautious about approving anti-LGBT measures, fearing an economic backlash. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R), however, appears to support a more ambitious approach to fighting a conservative culture war.


Chase Strangio, ACLU staff attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about the lawsuit over North Carolina’s new “religious freedom” law that allows discrimination against LGBT people.


To briefly recap, the city of Charlotte recently approved an anti-discrimination ordinance prohibiting discrimination against LGBT Americans. In response, the Republican-led state legislature held a


In an interview with NBC News, McCrory, a Republican who is running for re-election, said he would not back down from the measure…. He cast himself as a voice of reason, standing against an assault on “the norms and etiquette” that have existed for generations. And he said the law doesn’t discriminate against anyone.   “This political correctness has gone amok,” he said.



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