NBC News/WSJ Poll: More Would Blame Trump, GOP for Higher Health Care Costs – NBC News

Half of Americans say they will blame President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans if health care costs increase under Obamacare and if more end up losing coverage, according to results from the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, while 37 percent say they would put the blame on former President Obama and Democrats.

The survey also finds more Americans opposing Trump’s tax plan than supporting it, suggesting that the White House and Republicans have work to do in selling it to the public.

And a plurality of respondents in the poll want congressional Democrats taking the lead in setting policy for the country, not Trump or congressional Republicans.

With open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, beginning on November 1, Trump has argued that Democrats will “own” higher premiums associated with health-care law. “As usual, the ObamaCare premiums will be up (the Dems own it), but we will Repeal & Replace and have great Healthcare soon after Tax Cuts!” he tweeted on Sunday.

Democrats contend, on the other hand, that the Trump administration’s actions on Obamacare — including slashing its advertising budget and ending key subsidies for the program — mean that Trump and congressional Republicans will be on the hook if premiums increase.

Asked who would be more responsible for rising costs and Americans losing coverage, 50 percent of respondents point the finger at Trump and congressional Republicans.

By party, 72 percent of Democratic respondents in the poll blame Trump and GOP, while 65 percent of Republican respondents say they’d blame Obama and the Democrats. Yet independents, by a 49 percent to 29 percent margin, would blame Republicans over Democrats.

On Barack Obama’s 2010 health-care law itself, 43 percent of Americans believe it is a good idea, versus 39 percent who think it’s a bad idea. It’s the fourth-straight NBC/WSJ poll in 2017 where more respondents have called it a “good idea” than a “bad idea.”



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