MSNBC’s Zerlina Maxwell shuts down anti-choice GOP consultant with agonizing story of her painful sexual assault

The former spokesperson for the unsuccessful presidential campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was shut down after claiming that controversial Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would not overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

“So all this talk about Roe v. Wade, that’s not the way the court works,” GOP strategist Rick Tyler claimed. “They don’t say, let’s return to Roe v. Wade and overturn it.”

MSNBC anchor Alex Witt noticed that Zerlina Maxwell, the director of progressive programing for SiriusXM, had been shaking her head as Tyler spoke.

“I won’t even ask you a question,” Witt said. “Just go.”

Maxwell said, “the idea that you have to actually completely overturn Roe v. Wade is actually a red herring, because in practice that’s not how it will work for American women … they won’t be able to get their birth control pills, their Plan B.”

“Plan B is not a birth control pill,” Tyler interrupted.

The two then had a contentious back-in-forth on abortion.

“I just have to add, Alex, one more thing, this conversation about abortion, it’s not separate and distinct from the conversation about sexual assault,” Maxwell noted.

“I’m a survivor of sexual assault, I’ve actually had to go and get Plan B to ensure I did not have to have my rapist’s child,” she explained. “In 30 states the rapist can actually sue for parental rights and child custody — in the year to 2018.”

“I’ll have that be the last word and tell you, as a friend, when I just heard that, I got a zing to my heart because of the pain you had to endure,” Witt noted.



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