MPs urge chancellor to honour leave campaign’s £350m NHS promise

Dozens of MPs have signed a joint letter, organised by a group that aims to hold leave campaigners to their pre-referendum promises, which calls on the government to uphold the most infamous Brexit promise of all – £350m more a week to be spent on the NHS.


The letter, signed by 41 MPs, mainly from Labour but also some Liberal Democrats and Caroline Lucas of the Greens, demands that the chancellor, , make the pledge in his autumn statement a month from now.


The £350m pledge was a key element of the Vote Leave campaign’s promise to voters, billed as money that would be saved after leaving the EU which could instead go to spending.


In the wake of the 23 June referendum many leading pro-Brexit figures began to distance themselves from the idea, a process highlighted in a new Vote Leave Watch video to accompany the letter.


The letter, addressed to Hammond, noted that the chancellor’s speech to the Conservative party conference earlier this month said that “the message of the referendum result had been ‘received, loud and clear’ by the government”.




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