Michigan business threatens black man with vulgar racist rant – and gets swiftly incinerated online

“And FYI if you ever text my girl again, I’m going to f*ck your world up,” Bosgraaf fumed. “Try me I f*cking dare you. I could use some excitement in the next couple days. Stupid f*cking ni**ger. Go f*cking pick my cotton.”


“About in August Brittany told me Chris read our texts and wasn’t happy about it. Nothing went on, but at the same time we were kinda flirty but nothing came from it. So I understood why he was upset,” he said.


“Heard you’d talk to her if I wasn’t in the picture? F*cking ni**er ima put you in the dirt,” Bosgraaf wrote. “Say good bye to Obama and all the people that helped your low life! No more free handouts!…If you want a job let me know. I got mad cotton out back that has to be picked.”


The Holland Sentinel reported that Chris Bosgraaf — owner of WatercooledInd, a custom car wheel company — believed that his girlfriend was involved with her coworker Dominic Lebron. On Tuesday night, Bosgraaf’s business Instagram published a vicious screed aimed at Lebron that contained a number of violent threats.


A business owner in Holland, Michigan published a racist, expletive-laden rant on his company’s Instagram account aimed at a local black resident on Tuesday.



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