Michael Bloomberg warns Americans of ‘epidemic of dishonesty’ in politics during Rice commencement speech

New York’s other ex-mayor believes Americans are facing an “epidemic of dishonesty” in the nation’s capital that’s a bigger threat to democracy than terrorism or Communism.

While Rudy Giuliani has embarked on a recent media blast on behalf of President Trump, former mayor Michael Bloomberg in a commencement speech Saturday at Texas’ Rice University warned of “an endless barrage of lies” and a trend toward “alternate realities.”

The three-term City Hall chief didn’t mention Giuliani or Trump by name.

However, he instead blamed “extreme partisanship” for the current barrage of dishonesty in politics.

People are more devoted to their political party or tribe than the truth, he said, suggesting the nation is more divided than it has been since the Civil War.

“There is now more tolerance for dishonesty in politics than I have seen in my lifetime,” Bloomberg said. “The only thing more dangerous than dishonest politicians who have no respect for the law is a chorus of enablers who defend their every lie.”

Trump, who consistently labels unflattering stories as “fake news,” is known for his shaky relationship with accuracy.

Fact checkers have determined that Trump has made hundreds of false and misleading statements since entering the Oval Office.

Trump’s web of whoppers — particularly those pertaining to the payoff of a porn star alleging an affair — has been muddled even more by the addition of Giuliani to the President’s legal team.

Giuliani, part of the cadre of lawyers representing Trump in the Russian election-meddling investigation, revealed Trump reimbursed his personal attorney for a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about an alleged affair.

Trump has denied the affair and, up until recently, any knowledge of the hush money.

Bloomberg called on the public to keep politicians in check.

“The greatest threat to American democracy isn’t communism, jihadism or any other external force or foreign power,” he continued. “It’s our own willingness to tolerate dishonesty in service of party, and in pursuit of power.”



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