Men and women describe how #MeToo has changed the way they work

I have always been respectful of all co-workers, but after , I find myself avoiding social interactions entirely. I’ve become more disconnected than ever. male / High Tech – Software / Raleigh, N.C. / Age 40


I have worked in male-dominated fields my entire working life, over two very different careers, and have never had any issues working with my male counterparts. I’m not oversensitive about ‘rough’ language, dirty jokes and actually enjoy the male/female working interactions I’ve had. We always respect each other and pal around just fine. So I haven’t changed one aspect about how I work with men, other than possibly reassuring new men I meet that I’m cool with men being just the way they are, occasional warts and all. female / AV for live events / Cottage Grove, Minn. / Age 53


I was denied a promotion. Before MeToo, I probably would not have put up a fight. This time I did. The movement has given me the courage to stand up for myself and for other women. It has also made me very conscious of how I treat other people, both men and women. female / Education / Age 58


I’ve been in IT for 30-plus years and I learned a long time ago to be careful what you say and do around others. I don’t touch anyone in any way, tell off-color jokes or stories when I don’t know for certain that those nearby are OK with that. I won’t say anything to a woman about her clothes, shoes, hair, etc. I act like a gentleman at all times. That doesn’t mean there is no interaction, there is, of course, office gossip, life stories, work issues and the like. male / IT — Government / Port Murray, N.J. / Age 60


I minimize my interaction with women now and under no circumstances will I be in a room alone with a woman again. … We have all been told by our corporate office to not have a man and a woman alone in any room, whether it is an office or a conference room. If a man and a woman have to have a conversation behind closed doors, we are now required to have a third person present, with a fourth being preferred. male / Manufacturing / Keene, N.H. / Age 43



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