Melania, don’t repeat Hillary’s mistake: Leave Donald

I’ve heard the stories swirling around the President described in a number of ways: “scandalous,” “tawdry,” “unbecoming,” “tabloid trash.”

But the word that first comes to my mind is “humiliating.”

That the President of the United States is being sued by a porn star over an alleged affair they had years ago is humiliating for the country, certainly.

That the figurehead of the Republican Party, not too long ago the party of family values, is alleged to have had another affair with a playmate just after his son was born, is humiliating for the GOP. Or, it should be anyway.

But worst of all, that Donald Trump has very likely cheated on his wife, multiple times, with porn stars and playmates and who knows who else, and that this is all playing out very publicly, is particularly humiliating for Melania Trump.

While it’s hard to imagine she didn’t know who she married, she’s also just a woman, wife and mother like the rest of us. There’s a real person in there, and she must be reeling.

What she does next is no small thing. It might seem just like tabloid fodder to the gossip rags, or political chum for Hill watchers. But for a generation of young girls, Melania’s next move could be formative.



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