Living near trees can make you feel healthier – Tech Insider

In fact, the positive health effects of having an additional 10 trees on your block are equivalent to getting a $10,000 income increase or being seven years younger.


When the researchers compared the two data sets (and controlled for variables like income and age), they found that an additional 10 trees on a block corresponded to a 1% increase in how healthy the respondents felt. While this correlation doesn’t mean that the trees direclty impacted the respondents health, other studies have suggested that even


The location of the trees also matters. People reap the health benefits when they live near tree-lined streets, but not near trees found in parks. According to the researchers this could be because “trees that affect people most generally are those that they may have the most contact (visual or presence) with, which we are hypothesizing to be those planted along the streets.”


However, the study also notes that the findings are based only on surveys taken by adults and “trees in parks may be more beneficial to children who spend more time in such locations.”



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