Leaving human rights convention could start domino effect, Britain warned | Law | The Guardian

Britain’s exit from the European convention on human rights could trigger the disintegration of respect for international law, the prominent South African jurist Albie Sachs has warned.


The veteran lawyer and ANC activist, who was appointed by Nelson Mandela to the country’s highest court, has sounded the alarm over the potential domino effect of Conservative plans to scrap the UK’s Human Rights Act and its impact on the International Criminal Court (ICC).


“If you did a paternity test you would find the UK’s genes are there in the ECHR’s conception. The threat to withdraw would be like Daddy leaving home,” he said. The country that was the founder of the European convention and the ECHR, he added, “could become the dismantler of the entire enterprise”.


The South African former judge added: “It would be a huge disappointment to lawyers throughout the world who believe in defending universal values to see the UK withdrawing from an institution to which it has contributed so much.


Albie Sachs, one of ’s most respected lawyers and judges, says country that was founder of the European court ‘could become the dismantler’



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