Krugman: ‘Loudmouth Racist’ Trump No Different From Rest of GOP, Just Less ‘Smooth’ | Alternet

“He’s a belligerent, loudmouth racist, without an ounce of compassion for those less fortunate. In other words, he’s the exact kind of person the Republican base consist of and identifies with,” Krugman said. “It’s clear the exact things that Upper West Side New Yorkers find detestable is the exact thing that the Republican base finds endearing. ”


Trump, as many other commenters have noted, has committed the only unforgivable sin in modern GOP politics: He’s dropped the dogwhistle and replaced it with a bullhorn. As the poll numbers make clear, the base finds it irresistible.



New York Times columnist Paul Krugman dropped by Bloomberg TV and offered a scathing assessment of Trump, but in doing so, provided an even more scathing assessment of the modern GOP.



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