It’s getting nasty: Scotland independence: accusations fly between two sides in fight for votes

Bitterness surfaces in Glasgow with BBC’s political editor accused of being a biased liar who deserves to be sacked.

Campaigning in Scotland’s referendum reached a new intensity on the final Sunday before the referendum as thousands of canvassers and hundreds of street stalls fought for the final few hundred thousand votes either side needs to clinch victory.

As Church of Scotland leaders prayed for harmony whatever the outcome of Thursday’s vote, the yes campaign staged a mass rally in the key battleground of Glasgow, while more than 1,000 pro-UK campaigners formed a no at Edinburgh’s main cricket ground.

But despite the calls for unity, the bitterness that has marred much of the debate surfaced in Glasgow after sections of the 2,000-strong rally marched on the BBC’s Scottish headquarters on the Clyde, and furiously accused the BBC’s political editor of being a biased liar who deserved to be sacked.

The protest followed accusations by Alex Salmond in the Sunday Herald of an “unconscious bias” by the “metropolitan” BBC against the yes campaign.

Salmond and Robinson clashed last week after the BBC journalist continually pressed the first minister over the risks of Scottish banks moving business to England.

Ian Davidson, the Glasgow South West Labour MP, accused the independence movement of going on the attack against anyone who they thought was against them: “Yesterday it was the banks and some of the largest employers in Scotland. Today it’s the BBC and MI5.”

“In the world of Alex Salmond and his fellow nationalists, everybody is against them. If you aren’t actively for them then you are against them.”

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