‘Its a free country’: GOP official defends gun-packing Trump fan intimidating voters outside Virginia poll

A woman in Virginia clams she was stopped by a man wearing a Trump T-shirt and wearing a handgun on his hip, who blocked her path to a voting site on Friday and asked her if she was voting for Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.


Informed about that man, a local Republican Party official, stated that the man is a former law enforcement official, and that they asked him to pull his Trump T-shirt over the gun on his hip


Loudoun County registrar  Judy Brown confirmed that the man was outside the office, but was beyond the 40-foot no-canvassing zone so there was nothing she could do about it, with law enforcement saying the man had a right to carry the gun in an open-carry state.


“I had my 9-year-old son with me. I felt intimidated,” Cotti said. “And I had to explain to my 9-year-old why a man with a 357 magnum is standing outside the polling station.”


In an interview with the Huffington Post,  Erika Cotti said she was on the was to county’s registrar’s office in Loudon County in order to vote when she was accosted by the man




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