Is TPP about jobs – or China?

The Conversation reports.

Washington is in the midst of a heated debate over President Obama’s proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement.

It certainly has created some unorthodox political bedfellows.

The president is widely supported in this initiative by Republicans. He is opposed by large swathes of his own party. Senator Elizabeth Warren symbolizes this opposition, although she is hardly alone among Democrats in voicing her discontent. Still, focusing on her gives credence to the claim it is the “liberal” wing in the party that is causing this almighty row.

Yet focusing exclusively on the debate about the possible domestic economic effects of the proposed TPP Agreement misses a key dimension – the TPP’s foreign policy implications and the future role of the US in Asia.

The really hard choice may be between the economic security of many Americans and what many regard as the country’s future national security – which has a lot to do with China.

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