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Republican Convention McCain Delegate Declares for Obama!
Fred Bramante, a member of McCain’s New Hampshire Leadership Committee and a 2008 Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention today announced his support for Senator Obama’s Campaign for Change.

Bramante, a Co-Chair of Gov. Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign and former Republican gubernatorial candidate, is a past Chairman and current member of the New Hampshire State Board of Education.  His endorsement marks the first time nationally that a delegate or alternate delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention has publicly announced their decision to support Sen. Obama.

Obama on The Daily Show 
Yesterday, joking with Jon Stewart, Obama made reference to how marginal Fox’s audience is becoming:

“I think that there’s a certain segment of hardcore Sean Hannity fans that probably wouldn’t want to go have a beer with me,” Obama conceded. “There’s no doubt about that.

“But I think that the average voter, they’re saying to themselves, ‘What’s all this stuff about? I’m trying to figure out whether I can hang on to my house.'”


The Party of Denial
From a partisan point of view, the best part of it is that they still don’t understand that John McCain’s biggest problem is the failure of the Bush Administration and its governing philosophy.

The fact that most Republicans are more interested in assigning blame for their defeat to McCain or Palin than they are in confronting the devastating failure of the Bush presidency (and Republican congress) shows that they still have absolutely no clue what went wrong with their party — or how to fix it.


Closing Appeals

Dear America,

Mine mine mine.
Me Me Me Me Me Me Me!
Mine mine mine mine mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine!

In conclusion: Fear fear fear fear. Very scary fear!


The Republican Party

P.S. If you liked Joseph McCarthy, you’ll love us!


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