Here are all the things Fox News covered to avoid talking about the Charlottesville attack

While most cable news programs Monday night remained focused on the aftermath of a tragic white supremacist attack that killed one and injured 19, Fox News was more than willing to discuss the really pertinent problems facing the United States, including former president Barack Obama’s relationship with pastor Jeremiah Wright.

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Fox News has frequently been cited as a “safe space” for Donald Trump, who’s enjoyed the active support of several hosts, including Sean Hannity, Eric Bolling and ousted heavyweight Bill O’Reilly. So it seemed par for the course that the network would focus on anything besides a rising tide of white nationalism and the president’s sluggish disavowal of neo-Nazis.

When Fox News host Hannity did discuss the tragedy in Charlottesville, it was to condemn the “false narrative” pushed by the “insane” media.

“All weekend long, I, like many of you, watched the media going insane, acting like they didn’t know what the president was talking about,” Hannity said on Monday’s show. “They ran with a false narrative all weekend! Oh, big story, he didn’t mention the groups by name. Well, it couldn’t be more obvious, more transparent who the president was talking about. He was standing for equal justice under the law against racism.”

Trump took two days to disavow the white supremacists who attacked counter-protestors over the weekend, only to retweet an alt-right conspiracy theorist arguing the real issue is violence in America’s inner cities.



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