Fox News panel goes off the rails when Lou Dobbs tries to argue whites are a minority in the US

The three engaged over the decision to drop all further charges in the Freddie Gray homicide trial in Baltimore. It has been a right-wing talking point that the Baltimore police charged in Gray’s death were being “railroaded” by a zealous prosecutor eager to curry political favor in the black community. Gray’s broken neck in the back of a police transport was ruled a homicide by authorities, although the decision to drop all further charges means that no one will be held culpable for Gray’s death.


Dobbs insisted that if a hypothetical person follows a police officer’s instructions, does not resist, and doesn’t carry a gun, that person will not have a negative outcome in an encounter with the police. “You have got to respect law enforcement first and foremost,” he said. He explained to Williams that “nearly all” the police shootings have involved “armed men.”


Williams began to explain that in a recent case in Minnesota (referring to Philando Castile), the suspect had told the police officer that he had a gun on his person and yet, had still been shot, but Dobbs cut Williams off before he could expand on the point. Dobbs then changed the subject to Black Lives Matter.


“Looking at Black Lives Matter demonstrating here [at the DNC]. Black Lives Matter is effectively a hate group, and it’s discriminatory by its very name,” Dobbs said.


Fox Business correspondent Lou Dobbs, who is tasked by the network to explain the science of economics to Fox viewers, denied that white people are the majority culture in the United States. Dobbs, who charges thousands of dollars for his  expertise on American culture and politics, was engaged Wednesday in a discussion on Lou Dobbs Tonight with correspondent Juan Williams and radio host Mark Simone during network coverage of the Democratic National Convention.



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