Finally, feels like home

by Ahmed Tharwat

Vice President  Mike Pence declared an ambitious military program,  where  the US would create a sixth branch of the US military; a “Space Force” , those clown would do anything to divert attention and resources from real problem in this country. This  controversial plan has its critics even in the administration itself, as the Times reported  “an idea that has troubled lawmakers and even some members of his administration, who have cautioned that the action could create unnecessary bureaucratic responsibilities for a military already burdened by conflicts.”. this is not the only outlandish achievement of our Military so far,  Another corvette one,  that we seem to overlook and not talk about it enough in the evening news, a military division,  the political system itself, where the government has been militarized! Support our troops has become the wholly grail of the two parties.

“Politicians are the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.” Explained Musician and producer Frank Zappa, Politicians are there as entertainers to divert our attention from those with real power behind the seen, corporate conglomerates and military industry complex. Bob Dylan did it before him, but “The Answer my friends blown in the wind”.

When you look at the world today you feel that, the political circus is global, and the political entertainers getting louder and louder. With all the flue of information and the digital age, people still entrained everyday with fake news, fake leadership and fake realities. Trump is going to “Make America Great” mantra getting all the rift rafts, racists and islamophobics excited and rally behind their TV star to build walls, kick immigrants out, assault women reproductive rights, put blacks in prisons, and ban Muslims from entering the country.

The System manufactures fake differences to divide the masses, with things like , honoring the flag, nationalism, xenophobia, racism , Islamophobia all are created to keep poor whites from joining the revolution with the rest of the oppressed. Trump tweet feeds is keeping his followers hungry for more. Our political  system is rigged; the two parties are laced with dirty corporate money and answer to our Military Industry Complex not the people. Billions of dollars spend every year to bomb and kill color people around the world.

Our Nobel Peace Prize winner, was engaged in ½ dozen wars before Trump took over.  And the military around the world is running the show: as a retired Navy General met him at Washington Memorial, once he found out I’m from Egypt and right after the Military took over Egypt,  he told me “anywhere you look the military is running the show,” . After Arab Spring Arab that shook the world, Arab leaders, and Arab Zionists now are making sure this will never happen again.  Arab leaders are projecting themselves to the west as the savior,  Arabs don’t deserve freedom or dignity, they are dangerous, can’t be controlled without our iron fists,  it is  “us or chaos,” goes the saying. The west provides Arab leaders the military support needed under the banner of fighting terrorism and political Islam was created.  For any Arb leader to survive, two things  needs to happen according to the western script:  keep peace with Israel and have wars with your own people. Syria, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria,  … Palestine,

General elSisi our man in Egypt, the butcher of Cairo, endorsed by Trump and Pentagon, allowed to commit all sorts of crimes, massacres and human rights violations as long as he is controlling the people of Egypt and keep Camp Dave treaty,. As was reported in with headline “Egypt’s president a bloodthirsty dictator, Trump thinks he’s done a “fantastic job”. elSisi killed almost 1000 protestors biggest massacre in a single day, and his court has just sent 75 people of those protestors who survived the massacres to death as was reported in Aljazeera. No word of protest, and footnote in our liberal media, one death by car accident gets much attention.

Political Leaders are bought and sold for the heights bidders, conglomerates, and Military contractors. Money controls election and reelections and have more saying in how the system run. Military Industry Complex, controls government here and abroad,. When I left Egypt I left a country that is so corrupt, with decaying political system with military hegemony over politics, economy, media, judges, culture and police. Now for the first time and after living 40 years in America, finally it feels like home! I’m on the run again!

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Ahmed Tharwat
Ahmed Tharwat is a TV Host and Producer. His show BelAhdan with Ahmed Tharwat airs on Minnesota Public Television Mondays at 10:30 p.m. You can find his blog In the middle at and on FaceBook, Twitter, Google, Plus, LinkedIn - @ahmediatv

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