Fact Checking John McCain


McCain misstatements from the last debate:

Governor Palin a Bresh of freth air.

Calling Obama ‘Senator Government’.

Saying Obama voted for Supreme Court Justice Bryer even though he was confirmed 10 years ago, before Obama was in the Senate.

Promise he would fight for a line-item veto, which was ruled unconstitutional in 1998.

Hitching onto nuclear subs to show how safe nuclear power is despite this year’s nuclear leak aboard the USS Houston.

Accusing Obama of breaking the pledge to participate in public campaign financing, knowing that the pledge was always conditional on working out an agreement for same with the Republican nominee.

Putting the launch of Obama’s political career in Bill Ayers’ living room instead of where it was really launched, a Ramada Inn.

Claiming Obama earmarked $3 million dollars for an overhead projector rather than a Planetarium projector, for projecting overhead in a planetarium.

Colombia is not, as claimed by McCain, the number one importer of US agriculture – Canada is.

In comparing his own mortgage plan, no, it is not the same as Hillary Clinton’s as he proclaimed.

Botching the central element of Joe Biden’s Iraq plan, not three countries but three divisions of one country.

On taxes – he said US small businesses pay half of all taxes and US companies pay some of the highest taxes in the world, ”both statements are wrong (from the Washington Post) – more than half of US Corporations paid zero taxes ’96-’00 and most taxes are paid by ordinary citizens.

McCain claimed Obama, not he, would raise taxes, refuted HIMSELF 25 minutes later by McCain admitting his healthcare plan will tax benefits.

On abortion – he said he would never impose a litmus test on any nominee to the Supreme Court. Just 2 minutes later – “I would consider anyone in their qualifications, I do not consider someone who has considered Roe v. Wade to be part of those qualifications.” (That sure seems like a litmus test).

– From MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann

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