Experts: Donald Trump Is Lying About His Fundraising Haul – The Daily Beast

“Throughout the entire election process, Trump has had the weakest effort in terms of sheer list size, the frequency of sending and the number of unique subject lines, which is an indicator of… sophistication. He really is vastly outgunned by political opponents on the Republican and Democratic sides,” said Jordan Cohen, the Chief Marketing Officer at Fluent, an advertising technology company that works with campaigns on both sides of the aisle.


The presumptive Republican nominee’s campaign was in free-fall last week when their financial disclosures showed they had just $1.3 million on hand at the beginning of the month, compared to ’s $42 million.


Trump’s aides scrambled to right the ship, arguing within two days of the public disclosures that the businessman had received a miraculous infusion of donations to his campaign.


“We just started our online campaign. Online mailing [Tuesday] did over $3 million. Donald, in an unprecedented move, agreed to match the first $2 million personally that came in. So we did over $5 million online yesterday, and we’re just starting the effort,” national finance chairman Steve Mnuchin said in an interview with the Fox Business Network.


Donald Trump’s fundraising operation has been riddled with rookie errors—it’s been unsophisticated, untested and very small throughout his presidential bid, leading digital marketing experts to question whether it would be possible to actually raise the extraordinary figures he claims to have raised in a single fundraising email he sent last week.



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