Ex-Obama strategist destroys Trump’s thoughtlessness and ‘underwhelming’ accomplishments in epic Fox News rant

Fox’s “Outnumbered Overtime” host Melissa Francis got an earful when she asked former Obama campaign strategist Roger Fisk for his opinion of President Donald Trump’s first two years in office. It went about as well as one might expect.

Even conservative Beverly Hallberg had difficulty mounting a full-throated defense of the president, admitting that some Trump voters had told her they’d only voted for the president out of opposition to Hillary Clinton. She added that while Republicans are happy about Trump’s judges and tax cuts, they “don’t always like his style, or his rhetoric.”

“Frankly, I’m underwhelmed by some of the things listed as his accomplishments,” Fisk replied. “I think Eric Trump could be sitting in the Oval Office, and tax cuts and Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and tax cuts for the wealthy would get passed.”

“If you can’t pass conservative justices and tax cuts angled toward wealthy with a Republican House and a Republican Senate, you’re in the wrong business,” he added.



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